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Rushden Sea Cadets

A massive thank you from all of us at Rushden Sea Cadets! Your enlightening visit left us all in awe. The way you made the wonders of the universe so accessible and engaging, particularly through the use of the amazing planetarium, was truly exceptional.

Your obvious passion for astronomy was infectious and has undoubtedly sparked curiosity among our cadets. We couldn't have asked for a better guide to navigate the cosmos with.

We're all now looking up at the sky with a new sense of wonder and appreciation. Thank you for the stellar experience!
Phil Evans
Acting Deputy Head
Cogenhoe Primary School
Organising the event was easy and the planetarium had the wow factor we hoped for. All of the age groups who entered really enjoyed the experience. Ross was a fantastic host / guide through the galaxies and the clarity of the software was very impressive,
Teaching Assistant

I was fortunate enough to meet Ross at a recent visit to our school. For an hour and a half he inspired, captivated and delighted the children and staff with his extensive knowledge of the solar system. The talk was absolutely fascinating, incredibly informative but at the same time easy for primary school children to follow and learn from.

You were the talk of the staff room following your presentation at our school. Every time another staff member walked in they instantly started saying how brilliant you and your charity are!

On a personal level you have inspired me to look up a lot more, to really take notice of what is going on around us. I have booked to attend one of your forthcoming events and am taking a couple of family members with me as I have talked so enthusiastically about the visit.
William Steeley
Cub Scout Leader
1st Crownhill Scouts
The UK Astronomy events Ross and team have ran were two amazing events for our Cub and Scout group - and as always they were amazing. The young people are always engaged with what Ross is teaching them and it really captures their imagination.

It's always a perfect balance between learning information with a talk and then using their amazing props and then getting a hands on experience of using the scopes to view the stars and plants in the nights sky.

I know we will be organising another event again soon. The Cubs and Scouts and leaders just love it.
School Teacher

The UK Astronomy event Ross and team ran at my school was amazing, and one of the easiest after school events I've had the pleasure of organising as a teacher. Ross was flexible and wanted to ensure there would be the right level of information for all ages from 2 to 70+ as pupils were invited to come with family members.

The evening was the perfect balance of information and participation, with a talk to start including interactive props, before heading outside to use their impressive range of scopes (Ross had also helped us find a free stargazing App to download which was on standby should we have had that dreaded cloud cover!)

We even organised the event along with a PTA fundraiser selling hotdogs, hot drinks etc which we could use to further invest in science equipment. Bonus!

It was one of those events that reminds you why you became a teacher - a hall buzzing full of families inspired and learning together. What more can any teacher ask for?
Ruth Mayhew
Senior Events Officer
Aylesbury Town Council
We have been working with Ross & Frankie since the very early stages of the charity. It has been a joy to see them grow and evolve both the charity and variety of ways they reach and inspire budding astronomers. We have worked on a number of projects together including the annual Stars in the Park which is a regular and popular feature at our Parklife Weekend in August, we created a special Moonday event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing on the Moon, we've co-hosted virtual events and been involved with a number of UK Astronomy's outreach events.

It's always a joy to work with Ross & Frankie, their passion and enthusiasm infiltrates every aspect of our partnership work, which results in events that are professionally organised, run to an exceptionally high standard and most importantly brings the excitement of the universe directly to our community, with engaging, knowledgeable, approachable volunteers and activities. No idea is too big or too small - quite literally, reach for the stars - Ross & Frankie will do everything they can to ensure your dreams are met.
Matt Ogle
Director & Founder
S4A Group Ltd
A Wonderful organisation who provide fantastic experiences for children. Ross attended two of our holiday clubs delivering to 60 children who were in awe of what he had to offer. Thoroughly recommended from every one at S4A Group.
Kelly Hogan
Space Store
The UK Astronomy team (Ross & Frankie) really are amazing. They bounce of one another. Ross came to Space Store to do a talk for us and he was extremely engaging, very proud and enthusiastic in what he does. I can safely say the adults loved it just as much as the kids. His talk was our best turn out yet and we look forward to working with them both again in the future. What you and your team are doing is amazing.
Kylie West
Merchandise Manager
Space Store
UK Astronomy charity are a great charity and the work they do is phenomenal, from reaching out to engaging. Ross recently did a talk with us at the Space Store and it was the most engaging one we have had to date and we already have another booked in (we are all super excited). Both Ross and Frankie do an amazing job and nothing is too much trouble for them - they really do go above and beyond. Ross' knowledge and enthusiasm is incredible. We look forward to welcoming you both back.
Katie Dean
Events & Community Engagement Officer
The Parks Trust
Working with UK Astronomy has allowed us to help engage more people with our parks from a totally different perspective. Our Stars in the Park events are really popular as the talks are always engaging, captivating and fascinating for everyone. The team at UK Astronomy are so great to work with, offering lots of exciting new ideas and are really flexible. We look forward to continue to work with them and to inspire people to get outside and explore the skies!
Mark Taylor

Our first involvement with UK Astronomy was at a Free Comic Book Day event in 2017. After interviewing Ross for TGP NOMINAL, we realised that UK Astronomy and TGP NOMINAL were trying to achieve similar goals. On the back of this, Ross agreed to conduct a one off Sky Guide for us and his personality was the perfect fit for the podcast. Four years on, Ross is now our Resident Astronomer. TGP NOMINAL are proud to collaborate with UK Astronomy and to call Ross & Frankie friends.
Lyndsay Smith

My autistic son has had an obsession with all things space related since the age of 2 years old. UK Astronomy is a phenomenal charity whose facebook group community has provided him with so much support. As a family, we are proud to support such a fantastic cause in inspiring others to go deeper with their interest in the skies.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Paul Smith
Visual Interactive

What a fantastic organisation and deserving charity. It has been an absolute pleasure to assist Ross and Frankie at UK Astronomy by providing our services and supporting the charity by developing a new website.

We look forward to providing ongoing support as UK Astronomy's website continues to grow and evolve.