Mobile Observatory Project

Bringing people and communities together through the power of Astronomy.


UK Astronomy is a charity set up by husband and wife team Frankie and Ross Hockham.  A dedicated group of volunteers visit local schools, community interest groups, fetes, events, public functions and shows.  We use the power of astronomy to bring together communities.  During our daytime events we allow safe observing of the Sun through our Solar Telescopes and our night events to observe our nearest stars, galaxies, planets and nebulae.


Why Astronomy?

Astronomy is an inexpensive hobby that all can enjoy - all you require is the darkness, and a cloudless night, and your astronomy hobby has just begun. You can easily start in astronomy by simply learning where things are in the sky, and a lot of fun can be had by learning where the entire zodiac is in the sky, and learning major objects.


Astronomy is also a hobby that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.   It is a fantastic way to bring people together in communities who might not otherwise meet.


The Project - A Mobile Observatory

At the moment volunteers are using their own cars or hiring vans to get to events in the UK Astronomy diary.  This is proving challenging as there are several telescopes as well as projector, screen and workshop activities.  Added to this word is spreading  from school to school, group to group and county to county and we are finding the need to travel further afield to ensure surrounding areas are not left out. The people who attend our events have a great day, meeting new people in their community and learning everything we can teach them about our solar system and many have requested repeat visits as they have such a great time.


In order to keep up with the high demand and to ensure we are able to offer the best experience to our supporters we are fundraising for a more appropriate form of transport. Our intention is to buy a second hand vehicle to convert it into a travelling observatory. We would set it up with a sleeping area so volunteers can stay in it overnight, allowing us to travel further afield.  It will also have a viewing platform with pull down screens along the side so we can digitally send the images being viewed through our telescopes by the public directly to the screens. That way no one is left out of the fantastic sights that can be observed.


This vehicle will allow us to travel further, reaching more people and bringing more communities together.  We want to work with local councils and schools to visit public spaces and educate even more people about the wonders of our skies.  For each of the events that we attend we ask the attendees for a small donation to cover the cost of the event and to help us to fund future events – we have no paid staff so all money raised goes back into the charity.


In order to achieve the above we need your help.


We would like to offer sponsorship of astronomical bodies to you/your company.


We are aiming to wrap the vehicle with a design with the solar system with hundreds of stars, all eight planets along with galaxies and nebulae. This is where you can play a huge part in such a worthy cause.


We suggest sponsorship donations as per the below guide;


£100 to sponsor a star

£500 to sponsor a galaxy

£1000 to sponsor a planet


Anyone that donates any amount as per listed above would then have their name/company name allocated to the celestial body as per their donation e.g. a donation of £300.00 would give your 3 named stars, £600.00 would give your a galaxy and a star etc.


The person with the highest donation above a planet would automatically be allocated the Sun.


Donations can be given either by cheque made payable to UK Astronomy Limited and sent 3 Pleshey Close, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes, MK5 6EP or sent directly to our Just Giving Page.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and a bigger thank you should you decide to donate to UK Astronomy Ltd.