2019 - 2020 Events

Our events FB page contains further details on all the public events that UK Astronomy will either be hosting or attending in the Buckinghamshire area. If you would like to find events in your local area please visit our friends GoStargazing who post events happening all over the UK.


If you would like a guide to whats going on in the sky this month, why not listen to our monthly podcast with TGP Nominal, where UK Astronomy will be talking about the current months highlights in the UK skies.

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22nd January - Private Event, Winslow Cof E School, Winslow

29th January - Private Event, 3rd Buckingham Beavers, Buckingham



6th February - Private Event, Brackley Round Table, Brackley

8th February -  Private Event, Nelson Lodge Care Home, St Neots

12th February - Public Event, Family Stargazing at Dunstable Downs- FULLY BOOKED

13th February - Public Event, Family Stargazing at Dunstable Downs- FULLY BOOKED

14th February, Public Event, Valentines Stargazing at Dunstable Downs - FULLY BOOKED



1st March - Private Event , Old Deer Park Primary School, Richmond

4th March - Private Event, Bucks Lodge Care Home, Aylesbury

11th March - Private Event, Hughenden School, High Wycombe

18th March - Private Event, Clayburn Court Care Home, Peterborough

27th March - Private Event, Bilton Court Care Home, Wellingborough



3rd April - Private Event, Stargazing High Wycombe

4th April - Private Event, Crownhill Scouts, Milton Keynes

12th April - Public Event, Yuris Night, Emberton - CANCELLED



4th May - Public Event, Awesome Astronomy, Emberton

13th May - Private Event, Stargazing High Wycombe

30th May - Private Events, 1st Aylesbury Cubs, Aylesbury



6th June - Private Event, Hughenden School, High Wycombe

7th June - Private Event, The Downley School, High Wycombe

8th June - Public Event, Lindengate Open Day , Wendover

15th June - Public Event, Astrophotography for Beginners with David Pickles, Emberton



12th July - Private Event, School, Milton Keynes

20th July, Public Event, Moonday, Aylesbury



10th August - Public Event, Stargazing @ Stowe, Stowe House, Stowe

17th August - Public Event, Pigs and Perseids, Curly Tails Pig Sanctuary, Milton Keynes

24th August - Public Event, Park Life & Stars in the Park, Aylesbury



5th October - Public Event, Stars in the Park, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

11th October - Private Event, Eastfield School Northampton

19th October - Public Event, Stowe House, Buckingham



22nd November - Private Stargazing,  Winslow

30th November - Public Event, Emberton